Subway Coupons

Jared—that’s his name, right?—taught us the amazing wonders of Subway by showing off the tremendous weight loss he obtained by going Subway low-fat high-veg sandwich style. Well, let’s not slam him at all. Let’s congratulate him, say Subway is amazing, and then turn to you and say: why are you missing out on all these Subway specials? How is it that you’re not enjoying the delicious flavor of Subway and getting the same great health benefits (unless you load up on the high-fat sauces and sandwiches at each visit) as our buddy Jared? Well, perhaps if you aren’t, you will be as soon as we wrap up discussing the specials you can get at Subway.

Subway Specials

are always truly special. We don’t know how they do it, but somehow they maintain an amazing operating margin while managing to constantly cut their prices. Let’s take one of the current Subway deals as an illustration. It’s the five dollar foot long sandwich. This has been going for so long that we can barely remember when it began. It seems to have become a standard issue Subway service, rather than a short term special, and yet Subway has yet to go under. People still buy their great Subway goods without this amazing sandwich shop ever seeming to be financially damaged. Subway has even expanded outside of the United States—they dot Australia, for example, too! But what is even more amazing is that even while they maintain that long term special, other Subway specials still abound. They’ve got their current game of Subway Scrabble going too, where purchasing a meal or other select menu items allows you access to little peel-off stickers that could lead to major discounts, small savings, or huge sweepstakes prizes. And Subway is so special because, lo and behold, they subsidize all of this and still keep on going.

If you’ve ever had Subway cater one of your events (like a corporate lunch, wedding lunch, birthday lunch, or—and why not?—a dinner!), you know that Subway specials aren’t limited to what you get when you walk inside the store and mosey down the glass case. You know that you can get some pretty sweet specials from buying in bulk or paying the price for plenty. You know that Subway catering is pretty professional and that there are some wonderful memories to be had over a delicious, veggie-stuffed sandwich.

And so it is that Subway specials march on, never stopping, never being impeded. They’re so popular! And so far be it from us, a coupons website like we are, to forgo the inclusion of Subway on our site. Without Subway, we would hardly be considered a great Internet location to find great brick and mortar deals. So that’s why we include the amazing Subway deals that we do—so browse around, find something that fits your need, and if you can’t find something for Subway on this time around, come back later. After all, Subway always is special.