A Taste of the Real Red Barron Pizza Coupons

The title Red Baron seems to be ubiquitous in our culture. It is given as nicknames to war hero pilots, race car champions, and baseball players. It has been used in books, movies, Japanese Animation, comic strips, in several video games, and names for bands. Well despite all those different references to Red Baron, the only one that seems to keep people well feed is the Red Baron pizza. We know the goodness of the pizza, the great taste, the cheap red barron pizza coupons that we find online, but does any one of us have any idea who the original Red Baron was?

The Red Baron pizza was named after the first Red Baron himself, Manfred von Richthofen. Obviously from his name you can gather that he is of German decent.

During World War I, he was deemed the flying ace being the best of the best in the Imperial German Army Air Service. Mandred von Richthofen was declared to have had eight different successful victories in air combats. Since he had a red color plane and he was of German aristocrat, he retained the famous title of “The Red Baron” along with other such as Little Red, Red Knight, Red Devil, The Red Battle Flyer and the Red Fighter Pilot. He was not any better than other pilots, just a bit wiser. Manfred would use the sun to his advantage and other tools to keep fighter planes from shooting him down. Little truth is let about him as German propaganda tended to blow things out of proportion. For example before is untimely death at the age of twenty five, with the help of a ghost writer, wrote and autobiography, then later stated that it was way too arrogant and that he was not that person any longer. Even reading the Red Baron’s autobiography may not give us a good insight into his real life.

Years later his legend still lives on through his nickname, whether in movies, books, and other who hold this nickname, or good tasting pizza. As for why the frozen pizza is called Red Baron, there may not be an answer, but what is known is that Schwan Food Company created a Red Baron Flight Squad that would travel around and do air shows, a great way to advertise their frozen pizza, giving the company an edge on the market as far as press. Like other companies, as coupons became popular the also invested in red barron pizza coupons. Still today you can find red barron pizza coupons. There in your mail, online, in magazines or your Sunday newspaper. If you are lucky sometimes in your grocery adds you can find red barron pizza coupons.

Maybe if you want to see the Red Baron movies, Japanese Animation, or even the own Red Baron’s autobiography, you might want to dig into some Red Baron Pizza as a great choice for dinner tonight along with your entertainment. With your online printable red barron pizza coupons, you can have your Red Baron night.