Papa John’s Free Coupons

Papa John’s pizza is one of the most popular pizza places in American. In fact, it is third only to Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza, a fact that may surprise you. For a restaurant that is so popular, many people haven’t made it past Pizza Hut or Domino’s to give Papa John’s a try, even with the Papa John’s pizza coupons they keep getting in the mail. Be different and go to Papa John’s—the food is better, the prices are better, and the service is better. Why would you ever want to go anywhere else?

Papa John’s originated in a state where many other restaurants happened to have their beginning—Kentucky. It was founded by John Schnatter, a student that spent many years delivering and making pizzas. After having a considerable amount of experience, John and the business he worked for started rolling in the money. People loved John’s pizza and could never get enough of it. Its popularity started to climb the charts, shocking pizza companies everywhere.

Eventually, the big, bad bully (a.k.a. Pizza Hut) decided to do something about Papa John’s growing popularity. In 1997, they sued Papa John for its slogan “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza” which was based on a series of advertisements that compared their products to their competitors in a negative light. Unfortunately, the court agreed with Pizza Hut and sided with the bully. However, in 2000, Papa John’s appealed this decision and the court was unable to prove that Papa John’s slogan was indeed false. Despite Pizza Hut’s attempt to blame Papa John’s on their decreasing sales, they had no evidence it was because of the slogan, and Pizza Hut was forced to withdraw, allowing Papa John’s to flourish and grow. Papa John’s pizza coupons are still very prevalent in mailers sent to individual homes.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to use your Papa John’s pizza coupons, take that opportunity today. Treat yourself and try something different, pizza that doesn’t taste as fast food like Domino’s and isn’t covered in grease like Pizza Hut’s. Papa John’s may be accused of being arrogant and over-confident, but it is a reputation they deserved to develop. Their food is good, why shouldn’t they brag about it? With your Papa John’s pizza coupons, you can purchase your normal pepperoni or combination pizza, but you can also try a variety of specialty dishes as well. Take the time you need to experiment and enjoy the experience of good pizza.

So while Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza may be winning the pizza war for now, they won’t for long. Even with the distribution of Papa John’s pizza coupons, Papa John’s is well on its way to becoming the most profitable take-out and delivery pizza place in the country, not to mention the popularity it has outside the United States. Soon, Papa John’s will be the first thing on everyone’s minds when they crave pizza, and this is an improvement that will benefit society much better than the options available now.