Community Support through Monical’s Pizza Coupons Awards

Not many pizza restaurants or parlors care so much about the community to actually help out. Actually, most of them do nothing but try to make money as a business. For Monical’s Pizza Restaurant, they are not the regular cookie cutter business. They help support their community in any way they possibly can, aside from selling great pizzas. Even visiting their website online you can find out about all the fundraisers and community effort that they participate in. Instead of wasting your money on a business that does not care about the community, why not take your business and monical’s pizza coupons to a place that will give an effort to helping others.

Monical’s Pizza tries to encourage the D.A.R.E. program in Illinois and Indiana. As stated on their website, they work with over fifty police departments to recognize children who graduate from the program. As a reward for completing the D.A.R.E. program, the students receive monical’s pizza coupons. One is for a free eight inch pizza, any choice of toppings. The other is a special price on a Dining Room Family Pleaser. This includes a sixteen inch pizza, a family salad and a pitcher of soda. They support and promote children to complete the D.A.R.E. program through their monical’s pizza coupons.

Another community effort they participate in is a School Reading Program. Monical’s Pizza websites states that, “This Program is intended to spark an interest in reading for children AND reward them for them for their efforts.” Children through their Educators, create reading goals and charts supplied by Monical’s pizza, free of charge. When these charts and goals are met, then the children are rewards with monical’s pizza coupons. Unlike the D.A.R.E program rewards, they only give the free eight inch pizza coupon. As the children learn to read for rewards, in time they began to enjoy reading and do no require the rewards.

For Sports, Monical’s wants to sponsor all teams, but they cannot. So in place they recognize all teams with a chance to sign up and be recognized. In support, they offer, The Sports Backer Specials. Think of it as a kind of monical’s pizza coupon for sports teams. This special allows for two free sixteen inch pizzas with one topping and two pitchers of soda. And there is a ten percent discount for any additional purchases. It applied to coaches, family members and friends that are there at the party.

In support of families, Monical’s encouraged those who are expecting to complete classes on childbirth at centers and hospitals around the area. In return of graduating or completing the classes you will receive monical’s pizza coupons for the Dinning Room Family Pleaser. This is the same one given to D.A.R.E. gradates but it makes the dinner free. In hopes that busy expecting families can get a bite to eat.

Support your community through eating at a restaurant that gives back to you. Monical’s Pizza Restaurant is the best pizza place to give to your community.