Mellow Mushroom Coupons

Your first reaction to seeing the words of the restaurant Mellow Mushroom may be a quick gag and a hasty, “I don’t eat fungus.” However, Mellow Mushroom is not a mushroom restaurant. It is in fact a pizza place. Most people would agree that pizza tastes better than mushrooms, so keep reading. If you like a good party with a lively atmosphere, possibly with a little bit of beer, this is your type of restaurant. If this description fits you, grab your Mellow Mushroom coupons and check this place out. See if this restaurant is really as mellow as it claims to be.

Mellow Mushroom was started up in the 1970s by two roommates, of all people, who lived in Georgia. The original restaurant is no longer there, but other stores began to sprout up in places near Georgia, including Louisiana, Indiana, Virginia, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Many Mellow Mushrooms reside in college towns, unsurprisingly. Because of this, Mellow Mushroom coupons are more abundant than coupons for other stores or restaurants.

The Mellow Mushroom is the perfect place for the college student. Each restaurant is decorated differently, and many are known for their easygoing atmosphere and their interesting yet fun decorations. Featured at these restaurants is usually quite a bit of beer, another enticement for college co-eds (although, you would be hard-pressed to find Mellow Mushroom coupons for the beer). If you want to have a fun, relaxing time, try the Mellow Mushroom, even if you are not currently a college student.

The fun personality is not the only good thing about Mellow Mushroom, nor are the Mellow Mushroom coupons. The food (this is a restaurant, after all) is actually quite good. As mentioned before, this restaurant is primarily a pizza and beer joint. However, one can also find things like calzones, hoagies, salads, and a variety of other things on the menu. The pizza is offered in several sizes, but it is also sold by the slice for those who want to have a quick lunch. Some Mellow Mushrooms even deliver, but most offer a good, fun, sit-down environment that few pizza places offer anymore. Mellow Mushroom offers a cultural experience that college students have incorporated into the idea they have of college. Many people claim that you can’t go to college without an ample amount of beer—why not add a cool restaurant and pizza to the bunch? Even if you aren’t interested in the beer or the pizza, go just to get a feeling for what it is like to eat there. And take your Mellow Mushroom coupons with you. Even if you only go here once, it will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

In a nutshell, Mellow Mushroom is the perfect place to eat at if you are a bit of a rebel who likes to have a good time. Most restaurants are open late for those who want the party to last a little bit longer. Take a risk and check this place out.