Free McDonalds Coupons December 2020

What I wouldn’t have given for some free McDonalds coupons when I first moved to Australia. I was at a complete loss when it came to navigating the country. Sad as it may be to say that I was one of those Americans who gravitated towards McDonalds, I comfort myself for two reasons. First: McDonalds is good food. Second: my friend I traveled with was from South Africa, and it was actually his idea to go to McDonalds in the first place.

Free McDonalds Coupon

McDonalds CouponsBut what ended up happening was that we got into this routine. Rather than find new or different ways to experience the Australian delicacies all around (and with all the immigrant populations, we could have tapped into amazing Lebanese food, Chinese food, Thai food, Indian food—you name it!), we started going to McDonalds once per week for a period of a couple of months. When one special expired, we would find another special and partake. But with all of that, it would have been great to have some free McDonalds coupons.

Free McDonalds coupons usually fall into three categories: absolutely free, discounted, or buy-one get-something. Now, the coupons aren’t the ones getting those prices tacked on them. Generally, all coupons are free (or they come as part of a subscription to a newspaper, to an email list, or to a coupons website). But the food that comes from the coupons will be priced in one of those three categories. For example, some coupons are just absolutely free. They aren’t terribly common, but you just might find a coupon that allows you to walk in, redeem it for a small fries or a Big Mac or something else, without paying for any other food, and then walk right back out. No sweat. But not common. A slightly more common style of free McDonalds coupons is to find something that gives you a discount. For example, you might find a coupon that lets you get a new meal for a dollar less than the usual price. Often, such coupons only apply to the smallest servings, so if you really like your McDonalds, these coupons might not do as much good for you. (Aw, a dollar off only the small fries and drink with the new sandwich? Thanks, I’ll supersize anyway.) So you may or may not be so hot on these coupons, but they are still one that you could find.

Far and away the most common of the free McDonalds coupons are the buy one, get something else. Maybe you buy a sandwich and get free fries. Or a second sandwich, free. Maybe you buy a meal and get a free dessert. Maybe you buy a new salad and get a free drink. Whatever it is, most coupons of this type are going to let you get one thing and normal price, one thing at a free or reduced price, and then give you the desire, perhaps to pick up something else in addition. Any of these three would have done me well in Australia. After all, when I like my McDonalds, I want it for a deal.