Long John Silvers Coupons

I’ve seen those Long John Silvers commercials on television and often wondered about their food. I’ve never actually been around one during mealtime to test their food out for myself. However, when a friend handed me some Long John Silvers Coupons from his wallet, I decided to give it a shot.

Coupons for Long John Silvers

When lunchtime came around, I pulled my Long John Silver coupons from my drawer and headed out the door. I passed by Kylee’s desk again and decided to extend a friendly invite. She knew I had feelings for her; I made that obvious when I told her those very words at the office party last Christmas. She never reciprocated those feelings, and although it hurt me to the core, I still had to keep on trying. So with the Long John Silvers coupons in my hand, I had a strange sense of newfound confidence and decided to ask her to lunch.

I realized if she said yes we’d probably go somewhere else; I’d let her decide. But for some reason, I decided to bring up the fact that I had some Long John Silvers coupons and asked her to come with me and use the other coupon. How romantic, right? Let’s share a couple of Long John Silvers Coupons; I’ll bring the plastic flowers and a Barry White bobble head to enhance the moment. In hindsight, I realize asking her on a date using coupons was a little tacky, but I was nervous and frantically searching for something to say. She declined and I tried not to slump my shoulders a little. She had a sympathetic expression in response to my defeated demeanor and I awkwardly rambled a few more lines before ducking out. In the parking lot, I pulled out the Long John Silvers coupons and almost ripped them to shreds in my frustration. But I decided to follow through with my initial plans to try out the seafood restaurant.

With the coupons for Long John Silvers in my hand, I ordered whatever dish the coupons were meant for and took my seat. The food was surprisingly good and soothed my aching heart a little. Although, I tried to put all of that in the back of my mind so I could actually keep my appetite. So I distracted my thought process with a few recent emails on my phone and enjoyed the remainder of my meal. By the time I returned to the office, I was back to normal and back to work.