KFC Discount Coupons

Sometimes we take things for granted. KFC is one of those things (though there are probably plenty of people who would love to forget about KFC’s existence and what it has done to their arteries or waistlines). But one of the reasons that KFC can exist is that in the United States—and wherever it is that KFC opens worldwide—is that there is a bounty of chickens. KFC, of course, requires chicken to be KFC, but there are places where that chicken cannot be had. In places like that, no amount of KFC discount coupons could bring chicken to the table.

One such place where KFCs are sparse is the Pacific Islands. One of our staff writers spent some time in Australia, where chicken is plentiful, but spent much of that time working with Polynesians. Whenever they wanted to treat him to something special, they took him out to KFC. It puzzled him for some time until somebody explained to him that on the island, chicken is hard to come by. It’s true of any meat, but since chicken yields so much less than, say, a pig or a cow, chicken is especially a delicacy. And during his time, our writer did indeed notice that strange fact. Many of those whom he associated with really loved their KFC, to the point that they would buy it even without KFC discount coupons.

This was in stark contrast to memories he recalls from growing up. He remembers the joy of KFC on summer holidays, when only once or twice per year the whole family would gather around a bucket or two or five (depending on how many aunts and uncles attended) and enjoy the grease feast. He remembers that maybe they could squeeze out an extra bucket if somebody had managed to find KFC discount coupons, and they always knew that if they wanted to sacrifice a little extra cash, they could have more KFC than just for those holidays.

But that his tradition could have never existed were he born somewhere else was something he had never considered. Truly it was to him a wonder as he met these people to whom KFC was so much more, he realized, than it had ever been to him, great though it was. And all this for a little KFC? Just a little fried chicken? Stepping back from the situation, he now tells us, it did indeed look pretty ludicrous. He admits that he’s more of an Oporto guy anyway, so the KFC craze never really did hook him. Except with KFC discount coupons.

But there it is. In some small, rather silly way, he had caught himself taking things for granted. So it is with you. (Yes, there is indeed a moral.) When you get your KFC discount coupons, make sure they’re valid, then savor the flavor you get in return. After all, there are those with less. And less that leave you too somber, think of this: Go eat some chicken!