IHOP coupons

Ever been on a date to ihop? Well I hadn’t either until just the other night. My date shows up in his hot rod and leather jacket. This was our first date and so far it was going great and I hadn’t even left the house yet. He opens the car door for me and then when we are both seated and seat belted he pulls some clippings of paper out of his pocket and hands them to me. I held in my hand two movie tickets and several ihop coupons. Who takes a date to ihop? Granted, I really really liked ihop, but he didn’t know that. Ihop was not a first date restaurant.

We got to the movie and he ordered some popcorn and two sodas. During the opening credits I was trying to find a place to ditch the coupons without looking too suspicious, but he kept talking to me so I couldn’t stash them anywhere and pretend I lost them. Then, just before the movie started I thought I would have my chance. He moved his gaze to the screen and I was about to slip them down between the seats when he turned back to me and asked if I still had the ihop coupons. I held them up smiling.
He took them back and thanked me for holding them while he bought popcorn. He had them with the tickets so he wouldn’t forget to bring them with. I gave him a sympathetic shrug then the movie started. It was a good movie, but I spent a lot of time glancing over at him just to make sure he wasn’t trying to hawk my popcorn for some extra cash. I could not believe I was on a date with someone who thought he could bring along his ihop coupons.

The movie lasted two and a half hours and by the time we got out of the theater parking lot it was close to eleven. Then we drove to ihop. I was almost too embarrassed to get out of the car. What was I going to tell my mother if he actually paid for my food with those ihop coupons? How tacky.

We walked into the pancake house and were escorted by the host to a corner booth. I took one side and he took the other. The menus were placed in front of us. I waited, wondering if he was going to say anything about what I could and could not order based on the ihop coupons he had in his wallet. He kept his mouth shut. So I ordered what I always did, the fruit crepes. They had several other things on the menu I liked as well so I got a small stack of double blueberry pancakes too. I was actually warming up to the place.

The food came out and was delicious. Then the bill came. He put down some bills and inserted the coupons, making sure to close the little book before I could see the cost. We drove home and he took me to the door. He turned to me and said I hope that wasn’t awkward with the ihop coupons. Your mom gave them to me when I came to the door and told me it was your favorite place to eat. I shook my head, kissed him, and we made plans for our second date.