How to Get Free Fast Food

There are five steps you must understand if you are to understand how to get free fast food. These steps have been tested, tried, proven, and prepared by college students, starving artists, young single parents, and others to whom fast food—especially free fast food—can be almost a literal life saver. So when we tell you what you need to do so you are always aware of how to get free fast food, you can rest assured that we are experts in the topic.

Step One. The first step in getting free fast food is to realize that sometimes, you have to spend money to save money. Before you click away from this page, realize that we still have four steps to go! The others won’t be so heart-rending. Just remember that sometimes it isn’t going to be possible to get the food straight up free. You might have to buy a small fries to get that free burger. So keep that in mind and realize that sometimes that kind of free is just as good as the kind that is completely free.

Step Two. You need to get some coupons exposure. You can’t expect to waltz into a restaurant and have them kow tow to you and offer you a free burger. You’ve got to meet them halfway. That’s why you need to identify some of your favorite restaurants and get online to see if they offer club memberships, newsletter requests, and the like. As you sign up, you’ll find that they might email you coupons for free fast food during your birth month or during other specials that they sponsor.

Step Three. The next step in how to get free fast food is to be willing to do anything. You might get an email like one recently sent out to Chik-Fil-A club members, where they could print out a paper cow costume (horns and tail and ears, if we remember right) and, having taped it on themselves, turn up to their local Chik-Fil-A for a particular chicken sandwich that was the target of the promo that week. But if the customers weren’t willing to be a little goofy, they wouldn’t have gotten the chicken sandwich.

Step Four. Get on a coupons website like this one. Coupons websites are great places not only to learn how to get free fast food but to actually find those coupons. At any given time, coupons are scattered across the Internet—maybe just not necessarily for the restaurant you initially had in mind. But that’s why coupons websites are so great. They’re able to stay up to date on a large number of restaurants so that you have one place to keep coming back to in your quest for free fast food. Step Five. Mooch. When all else fails, hang out with people who eat fast food and don’t bring your wallent next time you all go out. Now you know the five steps out how to get free fast food.