Generations Pizza Coupons Creative Project

Recently in for a college class, my husband, was assigned to make a creative project that represented the commercial industry. It was stressed that the project must be creative and at the same time represents a popular culture commercial idea. Together my husband and I would brain storm in every spare minute we had. Wanting to get the top grades as always, he would not accept any idea that was not phenomenal. Despite our repeated attempts to come up with an exceptional idea for the creative project, we could not come up with anything better than creating a pyramid out of sugar cubes.

  One night after class, my husband was really hungry and craving Pizza. Even though I had made him some questionable meatloaf (my cooking talents are renowned for those opposite of great chefs in the world), we decided to skip the toxic waste and go out for pizza. As usual we drove back home so I could retrieve my folder file full of generations pizza coupons, our favorite pizza place. After selecting a few of the best out of the generations pizza coupons in the folder, we headed out to eat pizza. As soon as we were seated and waiting for dinner, our minds were back on the project again. Still no inspiration came. As usual my husband, a procrastinator, only had a week before his creative project was due. We decided we needed an idea quick time was running out.
Our delicious pizza arrived and we both quickly swallowed it down as fast as we both could. Neither of us had been eating good food since I started cooking. We paid for our meal and used one of our generations pizza coupons. Just as I pulled one out of the thick stack I held, someone opened the door and a breeze blew in. The generations pizza coupons in my hand flew out of my hand and scattered on the floor in a pile. My husband’s eyes lit up and I knew he had an awesome idea for his creative project. As we picked up the generations pizza coupons, he smiled at me knowingly. We quickly left and in the car he excitedly began to tell me about his idea.
My husband had decided that using pizza coupons he would create a huge pizza picture and mount it on a huge poster. This idea both represented a popular cultural aspect as well as a commercial industry plus creative as he was making a work of art. With a new flair we collected pizza coupons that we found in the mail, magazines, newspapers and even in different pizza parlors and restaurants. In no time the poster board was covered in cut outs of pizza coupons in a shape and form that looked like a pizza from far away. It was an amazing work of art that was creative, commercial, and part of popular culture. In the end My husband received the grade he wanted and we had plenty of coupons to escape my cooking!