Food Coupon

The very first coupons ever were for food, after a fashion. They were released in the late 1800s by a growing and ambitious soft drink distributor called—you guessed it—Coca-Cola. Coke’s coupons were printed in newspapers across the nation and offered something that few coupons ever since have done: bring in the food coupon, redeem it for something completely free. No obligations. No purchases. One coupon for one Coke, guaranteed. Well, people were pretty amazed (and rightly so!) and so along they came, clamoring for their Coke. And what was the result?

Fast Food Coupon

They found it, they tasted it, they liked it—we daresay they even loved it—and they bought more. Without needing the food coupon! It was really quite an amazing thing, that something as simple as giving away food for free (well, soft drinks, but they can be lumped under the heading of food) would result in such a marvelous marketing miracle. But there you have it. Once the coupons came, they were never more to leave. They were loved, they were like wonders, they were tasted and tried and found to be just what people wanted. And we aren’t just talking about Coke, here—we’re talking about the coupons as well.

The food coupon truly is a marvelous creation. While there are coupons for televisions, toys, computers, credit cards, videos, vacuum cleaners, household supplies, and furniture, food is the only one of those items that is a daily, nonrenewable need. Sure, maybe you use your computer every day, but you don’t have to buy a new one each time you sit down. Food is something that once it’s eaten, it’s gone (or at least, you home it’s gone and not coming back up). So by tapping into our need to feed ourselves, those who distribute coupons for food are really performing something akin to a service. Sure, it really heightens their successes and allows them a great deal of accomplishment through their marketing, but for those doing the consuming, it allows savings while getting fed what they need. A miracle indeed.

But perhaps the most singular aspect of the food coupon is its incredible presence. They’re everywhere. Newspapers are packed with mailers for coupons. Separate envelopes come via the post, packed with yet more discounts. Packed into the junk mail folder and inbox of ever email user is a host of coupons (though sometimes for products more sketchy than food). With so many coupons, it can be difficult to distinguish just what you need when you need it, especially when it comes to fast food.

Well, the answer to the fast food—we mean, food coupon—dilemma is indeed the very website you are now reading (assuming you’re still reading, and haven’t gone on to get what you wanted, which is, of course, the coupons for food in the first place). By collecting coupons for you, we help you sort through what you want as opposed to what everyone wants you to want. So have a browse. Find your coupon. Make yourself a part of the history of coupons for food.