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It’s the stereotype, really, and there isn’t much of a way around it: cops love donuts and coffee. Or so we’re told. Actually, I think enough cops, rent-a-cops, and security guards have taken enough flak for filling out their uniforms (and not with muscle) that, to quote a particular police officer we know, they’re going health: now it’s bagels and coffee. (The donuts apparently were negotiable; the coffee, however, apparently was not.) So if not a cop, you have no excuse—and if you are a cop who has gone the way of the bagel, maybe you want to go back, just for a moment. Why? Because you can get a pretty great Dunkin Donuts coupon.

Free Dunkin Donuts Coupon

At our Coupons website, we’re offering the availability of your choice of Dunkin Donuts coupon not so you can make donuts a regular part of your life (though if you can find all the coupons you need for that, well, more power to you!) but so you can treat yourself to a little something now and again. To use the cop example some more, one of our staff writers once saw the midnight showing of a major blockbuster film and, after that, headed out to a local restaurant. It was nearly five in the morning—he and his date were still awake—and in rolled a pair of cops who had just started their shift. It was probably a pretty regular stop for them, and our writer thought to himself: how nice it would be for them to have some coupons to ease the strain on their wallets.

Or how nice it would have been for him to have the same so he could get his date a little extra something. In fact, if he’d had a Dunkin Donuts coupon, you can bet he would have gone that route. After all, nothing beats Dunkin Donuts for good donut value. (And tossing aside the coffee, let’s not forget that Dunkin Donuts has some pretty awesome beverage choices. Hot chocolate, anyone?)

In using your Dunkin Donuts coupon, remember that it probably isn’t going to be a one hundred percent guarantee of the perfect deal. Restaurants such as Dunkin Donuts usually send out coupons that will tease you into the store with a deal that is just good enough to almost be a steal, but not quite. However, if you keep checking a coupons website like this one, that isn’t such a big deal. You should be able to stay abreast of the top deals and see that, indeed, you can get the donut you need to satisfy your craving. Since we started by talking about cops, we’ll wrap up the same way. It does seem a little silly to picture an enforcer of the peace reaching into his or her wallet to pull out a Dunkin Donuts coupon, but the great thing about coupons websites like this is that we try to make coupons current. No matter who you are, you can benefit from a coupon for Dunkin Donuts.