Coupons for El Pollo Loco

Some of our writers put together our work while enjoying the incredible mountain scenes of the Wasatch range out in Utah; others write from Texas or from beautiful lakesides across the States. All are now united, though, by one particular motivation: coupons for El Pollo Loco. And why is that? Because El Pollo Loco is branching out!

This Mexican-style restaurant chain has just made its move into Utah. The interesting thing about Utah is that people from so many states pass through it, especially through the Salt Lake and Utah valleys. Californians, Arizonans, and Nevadans all have been enjoying El Pollo Loco for a long time (actually, the company was founded in Guasave, Mexico, in 1975—check out their website at for more information on their exciting history) and in spite of the economic recession, the crazy chicken (that’s the literal translation for El Pollo Loco) just got crazier and is expanding on. You want to try this good food out, so you want to find some coupons for El Pollo Loco.

Well, El Pollo Loco is great to people who might turn out to be new customers. They offer coupons and especially gift cards on their site (those gift cards are a great way to help people come to know the awesome herb and spice marinade that makes El Pollo Loco so crazy good) and, if you pay attention to local community coupon books, you just might find some coupons for El Pollo Loco without having to look too far.

Everything about El Pollo Loco is about chicken. Their signature dishes all depend on making chicken not only taste good, but making it taste unique and better than the rest of the competition. Sure, some might say that nothing beats the down-home deep-fried deliciousness of KFC’s Kitchen Fresh Chicken, but they say that only because they haven’t yet tried El Pollo Loco. If those people were to find some coupons for El Pollo Loco, they just might have the financial incentive to try it out—and when they did, getting a side of guacamole or El Pollo Loco’s signature pico de gallo, they would be hooked like the rest of us.

El Pollo Loco isn’t really fast food, but they do make sure that the food is available quickly and is also deliciously prepared. On-the-go individuals armed with coupons for El Pollo Loco are quickly able to discern that taking a little time out of their lunch break to track down the local El Pollo Loco, whether, like our writers, they are working in the shadows of the mountains, at the head of the plains, or along the shores of a lake, is something that will even more swiftly pay off in flavor and satisfaction.

Right now on the El Pollo Loco website, they are offering a promo where they will gladly welcome competitor coupons. This is an incredible deal for you to cash in on those Oprah KFC coupons you’ve been sitting on, or those for just about any other chicken place. El Pollo Loco is expanding; join in and love the flavor.