Fine Print of Digiorno Pizza Coupons

Sometimes there are few directions on things that just make me laugh. I cannot help but noticed that the car shades that sit in on the dashboards of cars have some funny warning notices. It specifically states that you should not drive or operate the vehicle while the shade is covering the windshield. I should think that would be common sense, but there must be some reason that was put as a warning. Whether it really happened or it was just the keen intuition of some hired lawyer, I don’t know, but what I do know is that it really says that on my car shade. I guess I’m just one of those people who like to read the fine print. In one case this has been useful.

Just the other day I was off to the grocery store to buy my weekly supply of frozen pizza. I am a fan of course of the delicious DiGiorno pizzas. I had brought with me my stack of digiorno pizza coupons and was so excited I was going to get an unusually great deal on the pizzas. I was sure that I was getting a steal of the digiorno pizza coupons.

Despite the strange looks from neighboring shoppers, I pushed my cart full of stacked frozen pizzas to the checkout stand. As I waited in line I began, like I usually do, to read the fine print. To my surprise, a few of the digiorno pizza coupons were expired, especially the one that allowed me to buy pizza for nothing. Luckily before I had come to the store I had printed off a few extra digiorno pizza coupons that would help me pay for the pizzas. Unfortunately they were not as good as the expired ones, but definitely better than no coupons at all. After paying for my frozen pizzas with online pizza coupons I had printed out, I travelled home for dinner time.

As I said earlier, seriously I live off DiGiorno pizzas, so what was for dinner? DiGiornos. Again I tell you nothing is funnier than reading the directions or warnings on tags and boxes. I even have a friend who collects the morbidly horrific cautions signs that show gruesome pictures of maimed figures. Anyway, back to talking about pizza and nothing else, I read the directions and have to laugh again. They even put the direction on the DiGiorno Pizza website. Here is the single direction that caused such mirth:

Peel apart plastic wrap. Remove pizza from wrap and cardboard.

I had to laugh and wonder; who cooks their pizza with the plastic wrap still on? I laugh because by that time I had started cooking the pizza still on the cardboard. I think they make those directions for me! Anyways I guess all of us are absent minded and we need these little fine prints. So read the fine print on pizza directions, digiorno pizza coupons and your car shade, you may never know when it will actually help you out.