Try Something New! Clifton’s Pizza Coupons

Tonight for dinner, why not go to a more cozy and familiar place to eat? When you arrive at other restaurants, they are not a part of the community and you can feel that as you walk through the doors. This is not true at all for Clifton’s Pizza in Louisville Kentucky. Although the restaurant has only been around since nineteen hundred and ninety, it has grown into a community home to everyone. Even the decorations inside are a product of everyday people not some interior decorator. And even more stunning is their appeal to the community through having live music of aspiring musicians. Not only can you eat pizza, salads, sandwiches, pasta, and other tantalizing appetizers, but you can enjoy music while you munch. Plus if you can get clifton’s pizza coupons, you will be having fun at a cheaper rate.

How does Clifton’s Pizza make their restaurant more community friendly? It is through their fun collection of clocks. The whole thing started when the restaurant opened in the early nineties. It was during desert storm. As customers would come in to get a bit to eat that would watch the news going on across the world. Well the restaurant owner Mark Langley decided to put up a clock next to the regular clock. The new clock told the time in Saudi Arabia and he labeled it as such. Then someone else brought in a red green and white clock with the time in Rome and it got put on the wall. Soon people just started bringing in different, unusual and fun clocks. At Clifton’s Pizza they have close to a hundred clocks, yet a few do not work. If you’ve got a clock you want to share, why not bring it down to the restaurant along with your clifton’s pizza coupons so you can try out their tasty menu.

So after you purchase your meal with clifton’s pizza coupons, you can kick back an take pleasure in the music and entertainment they provide every night. When the restaurant first opened up, they planned on only having music on night of the weekend. It was so popular that he expanded to another two nights of the week. Of course now, there probably is not a night that goes by without hearing music of some kind. If you love jazz, then come on Wednesday nights as that is deemed “hot jazz night”. The music you can expect to hear is solo, folk rock variety and acoustic which has now expanded into Bluegrass, Jazz and Blues. So bring the whole family, show up dress casually and bring your clifton’s pizza coupons along with your love for music. With this mixture of love for pizza and music, it will be a pleasurable evening.

Change things up a bit and stop visiting the restaurants that don’t have cultural personality. Bring your clifton’s pizza coupons eat for cheaper and enjoy a community place that way you aren’t limited to the sterile boring fast food chain places.