Arbys Coupons

Whenever my friends and I hit the road for our own cross country excursion, we usually hit up Arbys and grab a couple of their market fresh sandwiches. Well, it turns out, the day we decided to leave, there were a couple Arbys Coupons in the paper for their market fresh sandwiches.

Arbys Restaurant Coupons

I thought it was a sign of goodwill for our trip and immediately cut them out of the paper. I even asked my friends to find the Arbys Coupons in their copy of the morning paper and do the same. With three of us bringing Arybs coupons with us, we’d each benefit from their discount before taking off on our road trip. I felt pretty considerate and proud of myself for sharing the wealth with my friends, even though it didn’t cost more than a phone call.

When we all showed up with our Arbys Coupons, the girl at the counter didn’t even ask. Although she did strike up a conversation about our road trip. My friend couldn’t contain himself when he saw a pretty girl at the counter; he blurted out our road trip plans in an attempt to impress her. Maybe he thought the conversation would lead to her dropping everything, letting her hair down and jumping in the back of the car to sit by his side all the way to California. It’s the same mentality behind actions like whistling from construction sites when a pretty girl walks past, or honking their horn as they drive by. Do they expect a response? Well in this case, the girl took our Arbys coupons and humored my friend with light conversation until she finished completing our order and walking to the back. I don’t know if she had anything to do back there, but either way it put an end to that conversation.

A different employee called our number and handed us our market fresh sandwiches. We saved a few bucks with the Arbys coupons and felt pretty good about that. We decided to celebrate the savings by spending it on a few bottles of soda for the road. We hit the road and enjoyed our sandwiches as we each took turns driving throughout the day and into the night. We reached our destination around midnight and decided to get some sleep before tomorrow’s excursion. Perhaps, we’d find a few more Arbys Restaurant Coupons to begin another day of our road trip.